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MBU fosters and promotes scientific brilliance through faculty-driven research in a multi-disciplinary and diverse university organizational structure. Mohan Babu University acts as a facilitation centre which plays a crucial role in giving focused attention in leading and organizing the research activities of the university's many departments and research centres. MBU has created an environment that supports the advancement of research excellence through a variety of tasks, such as supporting the conception, planning, and execution of research projects as well as the coordination, oversight, and evaluation of student research.

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Dr Avireni Srinivasulu
Dean, Research and Innovation

Dr. S. Eswar
Dean, Research

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Recent Publications

Author Title Journal Impact Factor
K. Lakshmi Narasimhamu, et al. Performance improvement of turning operation during processing of AISI 304 with novel textured tools under minimum quantity lubrication using hybrid optimization technique Materials and Manufacturing Processes 4.783
Krupakaran Radhakrishnan Lawrence, et al. Exploration over combined impacts of modified piston bowl geometry and tert-butyl hydroquinone additive-included biodiesel/diesel blend on diesel engine behaviors Fuel 8.035
N. Manikandan et al. Investigations on machinability characteristics of Cast Aluminum Alloy based (LM 26+Graphite+Fly ash) Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites for automobile components Materials and Manufacturing Processes 4.783
B. Sachuthananthan et al. Heat transfer enhancement in oblique finned curved microchannel using hybrid nanofluid International Journal of Thermal Sciences 4.779
Natarajan Manikandan et al. Investigations on machinability and evolution of hybrid artificial intelligent tools for contemporary machining of nickel alloy Materials and Manufacturing Processes 4.783
S. Ragu Nathan et al. Investigations on microstructure, thermo-mechanical and tribological behavior of graphene oxide reinforced AA7075 surface composites developed via friction stir processing Journal of Manufacturing Processes 5.684
Krupakaran Radhakrishnan Lawrence et al. A feasible and promising approach for diesel engine fuelled with a blend of biodiesel and low-viscosity Cinnamon oil: A comprehensive analysis of performance, combustion, and exergy Journal of Cleaner Production 11.072
Harathi, N.,, PrGO decorated TiO2 nanoplates hybrid nanocomposite for augmented NO2 gas detection with faster gas kinetics under UV light irradiation, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (Elsevier) 9.221
Avireni Srinivasulu et. al Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 Tweets Using Deep Learning and Lexicon-Based Approachesq Sustainability (MDPI) 3.889
Suresh Kallam et al. Deep convolution neural networks learned image classification for early cancer detection using lightweight Soft Computing 3.732
Suresh Kallam et al. Efficient tumor volume measurement and segmentation approach for CT image based on twin support vector machines. Neural Comput. Appl 5.102
V. Anantha Natarajan et al. Deep Learning Based Intrusion Detection in Cloud Services for Resilience Management Computers, Materials & Continua 3.86
Gurram Sunitha , et al. A multi-objective load balancing and power minimization in cloud using bio-inspired algorithms Computers and Electrical Engineering 4.89
Gurram Sunitha a, et al. Intelligent deep learning based ethnicity recognition and classification using facial images Image and Vision Computing 4.63
Gurram Sunitha a, et al. Modeling of Chaotic Political Optimizer for Crop Yield Prediction Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 3.401
Gurram Sunitha a, et al. Deep Learning-Based Skin Lesion Diagnosis Model Using Dermoscopic Images Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing 3.401
Sunil Kumar, M., et al. Power aware virtual machine placement in IaaS cloud using discrete firefly algorithm Applied Nanoscience 3.674
K. Reddy Madhavi, et al. Cardiac arrhythmia detection using dual-tree wavelet transform and convolutional neural network Soft Computing 3.732
J Avanija , et al. Deep convolution neural networks learned image classification for early cancer detection using lightweight Soft Computing - A Fusion of Foundations, Methodologies and Applications 3.492
Ganesh Davanam ,et al. Multi-Controller Model for Improving the Performance of IoT Networks Energies 3.252