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Communication and Media sector has grown several folds and is projected to continue growing in the coming decades. On the one hand, the industry has witnessed a virtual explosion in the process of creation and consumption of information and communication output and, on the other, an upsurge in the demand for intellectual and professional skills to face the challenges and the opportunities brought about by the transformative forces of communication revolution. The School of Media Studies at Mohan Babu University is a response to these challenges and it provides a flexible academic program to study this ever-expanding field and train students for several exciting professional career opportunities emerging with the convergence of technologies and communication processes.

Media and Communication education includes the vibrant and active academic discipline of journalism and mass communication. It continuously innovates and adapts to new technological developments. The topic of study encompasses a wide range of academic disciplines, such as journalism (print, electronic, and online), communication, television production, animation, advertising, Information and communication technology. In addition, it examines how media affects society.

Programs Offered

Career oppurtunities

Vision and Mission

Dr. M. Mohan Babu’s vision is to promote a diverse, independent, innovative, ethical and economically thriving communications and media sector that contributes to the creation of successful and sustainable societies in an era of rapid social and technical change.

Dr. M. Mohan Babu’s mission is to nurturing creative and critical thinkers in communication and media studies. And give a world-class education in all creative & technical aspects of advanced Media through Hands on training, Guest Lectures and International Exchange program.

  • Radio Booth : The radio booth can be used for sound recording and for sound transmission. It is connected to speakers - placed in the public spaces of the university.
  • Studio : School of Media has an equipped studio for video shooting. In different course and apprenticeship programs students use this for indoor shooting purposes. Also, they are using green wall for Chroma key shooting.
  • Media Lab : The media lab possesses equipment for photography and videography. Aside from these, it has editing panels using iMac computers. Students utilize the media lab for projects in film production, TV production, advertising, development communication, journalism and created private media courses.
  • Transmission Room : The transmission room relays content relating to ULAB TV to four monitors located in various public spaces of the university.
  • Screening Room : The screening room can fit 30 students. It was constructed for purposes of viewing and analysing films and other audio-visual forms.
  • Computer Lab : The university has six computer labs and more than 30 windows-based computers. Students use the computer lab for multimedia production projects.
  • Library : The university has its main library in Campus A. Aside from the collection of books, journals and periodicals, the library has access to online resources. For media studies and journalism students, the online resources include those from AMIC, ICA, GA, IAMCR and Communication Initiative.

The institute's academic programs place a strong emphasis on developing students' grasp of fundamental concepts at a deep level as well as their creative and analytical thinking skills in the field of media. The institute also encourages its students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which are crucial for holistic development, nurturing teamwork, and organizational abilities.

The graduates from this program would become an innovative professionals in the field of Media Industry. Employment can be found in both the private and public sectors. Also one can choose to become a creative entrepreneur.

The School of Media Studies provides a distinctive blend of theoretical and practical study with a special emphasis on the application of cutting-edge technologies. The program's objective is to create future media industry leaders. Graduates of Journalism and Mass Communication programs are prepared to work as skilled, resilient, tech-savvy, and competent media professionals. The School is made to support students and give them any assistance they require in their quest for academic achievement.