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Innovative Film Academy offers a well-designed course in Filmmaking...

Mohan Babu University is a multi-disciplinary offering varied courses in emerging areas that bear a direct relationship to economic, and cultural growth and development of society. The Film Academy was established by one of India's finest actors and film personalities – Mr. Mohan Babu, the MBU Film Academy is a world of films on its own. Besides being a Padma Shri Awardee and Member of Parliament, this gifted persona's passion and active involvement in films, and an aspiration to help budding film-makers & artists, has led to the rising of this one-of-a-kind film academy. BA Film making and related courses are about to be started this academic year. Already state-of-the-art studio/lab facilities have been planned in a 20000 sq. ft. area for teaching, training, practical film-making, shooting and editing, and experimenting. Film/ TV and Design Studios are some of the facilities that will be established at par with state-of-the-art facilities, in film schools in India and abroad.

Programs Offered

Career oppurtunities

Vision and Mission

Dr. M. Mohan Babu’s vision is to establish a world-class film academy to promote aesthetic, creative, and high-end technologically advanced filmmaking centre of excellence. And create the academy to cater to film festivals and high-end film producers and artists.

Dr. M. Mohan Babu’s mission is to nurture creativity and produce Innovative Filmmakers for the film industry by giving a world-class education in all creative & technical aspects of Film through Hands-on training, Guest Lectures, and an International Exchange program.

State-of-the-art laboratories, studios, and classrooms in a sprawling 20,000 sq. ft. area are going consist of the following:

  • Film/TV Studio
  • 3D- Miniature Model Making Studio
  • Graphic Design Lab
  • Green Matt Studio Facility
  • Editing Studio
  • Sound Recording Studio
  • Smart Classrooms

The institute's academic programs place a strong emphasis on developing students' grasp of fundamental concepts at a deep level as well as their creative and analytical thinking skills in film production. The institute also encourages its students to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which are crucial for holistic development, nurturing teamwork, and organizational abilities.

The graduates from this program would become innovative storytellers in the field of Culture/film Industry, Corporate, and E-Learning. Employment can be found in both the private and public sectors. Employers include Film content service providers. Ad- Film Makers, Documentary Film Producers for various companies like Product manufacturers in the automobile, furniture, medical, consumer electronics, FMCG, and toy industries. Also one can choose to become a creative entrepreneur.

The School of Media Studies provides a distinctive blend of theoretical and practical study with a special emphasis on the application of cutting-edge technologies. The program's objective is to create future media industry leaders. Graduates of Journalism and Mass Communication programs are prepared to work as skilled, resilient, tech-savvy, and competent media professionals. The School is made to support students and give them any assistance they require in their quest for academic achievement.