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Centre for Industry and International Relations

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We believe that the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge and skills cannot happen in isolation within a university. Therefore, the Centre for Industry and International Relations has been established to develop and nurture partnerships with domestic industries and reputed universities abroad.

In our partnership with industries, we focus on:

  • Industry-collaborative degree programs.
  • Short-term certification courses.
  • Internships and Projects for students.
  • Guest lectures and Faculty Development programs.
  • Setting up specialized high-end labs and sharing of resources.

The partnership with foreign universities aims to enable / help:

  • Desirous students spend a semester abroad at the partner university. .
  • Students enroll for a Twinning program, and complete the Degree at the partner university.
  • Faculty collaboration for research and to organize Joint-conferences.
  • Short-duration Faculty exchange, for Guest lectures and discussions.

Industry-collaborative degree programs

  • The curriculum of the degree programs is designed in consultation with our industry partners
  • Various credit courses, embedded in the curriculum by our industry partners, are taught by their practicing professionals, thereby sharing real-life experiences and situations.
  • Students also get to work on the latest tools and undertake internships or complete projects under the guidance of experts from the industry.
  • For the Academic year 2022-23, Mohan Babu University offers the following Industry-collaborative degree programs.


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