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Good Agriculture For A Better Tomorrow...

The School of Agriculture (SoA) is a new addition to the renowned MBU, and its journey started in 2022 for making a difference in Agricultural Education and Research. SoA aims at bringing in new paradigms of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and holistic learning of various sciences and technologies embraced in the fields of agriculture and allied occupations like Horticulture, Agribusiness Management, Animal Husbandry, Food Science & Technology, Food & Nutrition, Soil & Water Engineering, Protected Agriculture, Sustainable & Organic Farming etc. SoA wishes to create its own niche by bringing together industry and service sector pertaining to agriculture/farming with our curriculum & knowledge-sharing platforms which enhance the skills and employability of the students, thus we nurture our students in the best interest of the industry as well as settlement of the students.

Programs Offered

School of Agriculture

Dr. Gowri Sankara Rao R
Dean, School of Agriculture

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Why MBU?
Dean's Message
  • Our Programs are in coherence with ICAR accreditation guidelines
  • Offer an experience par excellence with our state-of-the art of research, Innovation and incubation ecosystem to realize our learners’ fullest entrepreneurial potential.
  • MBU is one of the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary universities which offers huge scope for integrated learning
  • State of art classroom, laboratory, and research farm facilities
  • Well-equipped library with a huge collection of books, journals, and online journals
  • We also train the students in Human Values & Ethics; Personality Development & Communication Skills
  • We nurture the students as per their passion and life goals through a continuous process of passion mapping, nurturing, internships, knowledge sharing platforms with accomplished researchers/teachers and institutions within the country and across the World
  • We have a wide range of associations and partnerships with industry, research institutions, NGOs etc for enhancing and supporting student’s employability


To become one of the globally reputed institutions producing agricultural graduates with high knowledge, skills, attitude, and employability competence by imparting focused practical technical education through innovative and analytical approaches with a core objective of creating desirable manpower for agriculture and all allied agri-related business besides contributing to the rural society and the nation.


  • To provide the best possible infrastructure and facilities for innovative teaching and learning of agricultural and all allied subjects like horticulture, agricultural engineering, food science & technology, animal husbandry etc.
  • To create an interface with internationally reputed research and education institutions for benefitting students through fitting knowledge-sharing platforms and work opportunities
  • To establish a centre of excellence and innovation incubator for creating industry interfaces and partnerships for enhancing the technical competencies of students as per the needs of the industry.
  • To empower students with the latest agricultural and horticultural techniques and skills for promoting employability as well as encouraging developing of agripreneurs.
  • Inculcating basic human values and work ethics in the process of making good Samaritans for the society and nation

Welcome to the School of Agriculture, an institute dedicated to Education for Agriculture! Our first Prime Minister Pt. Nehru says “Everything else can Stop, but not Agriculture”. The growth in agriculture and allied sectors has been increasing manifolds and is unfolding various growth opportunities for students, farmers and entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, such opportunities have not been tapped, and are looking forward to skilled manpower and enthusiasts. Industry in India and the World needs a strategically trained skilled workforce. Being India a massive country with maximum youth, there is a scope for developing suitable modules pertaining to education for agriculture with the most multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curricula. We at MBU started looking at the entire teaching & learning process through the prism of Education for Agriculture which provides education on a holistic and multidisciplinary basis. Our honorable Chancellor and Prochancellor are very keen on bringing out a change in rural societies, true to their long term vision, our motto and objective is to educate as many local rural youth as possible and make them employable and leaders. We understand the challenges in agricultural education per se. We are committed to teaching both the basics and advances of agricultural sciences. Our priority and focus are to produce top-notch Agri-Scientists, Agripreneurs, Agribusiness Managers, and Social Entrepreneurs who would contribute to increase farm productivity, farmers’ profitability, and environmental sustainability. In this way, we wish to fulfill the slogan of our beloved Prime Minister Doubling the Farmers’ Income Our aim is to increase employability and give back to the farming communities. Our association with top-notch universities and research centres in India and abroad opens up opportunities to learn and imbibe new thought processes and techniques. We Welcome You to the World of Education for Agriculture.
- Dr. Gowri Sankara Rao

We follow a holistic pattern of Education for Agriculture with a core objective of creating an agricultural workforce with the highest competence and skills. We follow a unique pattern of training our graduate students through;

State of Art Facilities

  • Central library with a huge collection of books and journals
  • Offer an experience par excellence with our state-of-the art of research, Innovation and incubation ecosystem to realize our learners’ fullest entrepreneurial potential.
  • Research Laboratories with state of art facilities
  • Research Farm with Crop Cafeteria, separate blocks for Genetics & Plant Breeding, Agronomy, Horticulture, Crop Protection, Livestock
  • Earning While Learning revolving fund projects

Passion Mapping & Internships

  • Regular & continuous interactive discussions & mapping of students’ passion & career plans
  • Offer an experience par excellence with our state-of-the art of research, Innovation and incubation ecosystem to realize our learners’ fullest entrepreneurial potential.
  • Grouping & training students in the fields of their passion & career goals
  • Guiding for internships & subsequent placements in the areas of their passion & career goals

B.Sc. (Hons) Ag. & B.Sc. (Hons) Hort.

Eligibility criteria is 10+2, Physics, Chemistry & Biology or Equivalent Courses

10+2 from either State Boards/ISE/CBSE

Equivalent courses viz., diploma in Agriculture/Horticulture/Animal Science

Direct/Spot admissions are conducted as per the decision of the management.

Student intake is based on their competitive performance in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. CET scores of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and State Common Entrance Examinations may also be considered for admission.

  • 4 Years Integrated & Multidisciplinary curriculum
  • Skill based & Employability oriented education
  • Passion Mapping & Internships
  • Earn While Learn Projects