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Padma Shri Dr. M Mohan Babu
Chancellor, Mohan Babu University.

From a young village boy to a teacher, actor, producer, writer, Member of Parliament, philanthropist, and an educationist – it has been 3 decades of being at the service of my people. Yet, every bit of this enchanting journey runs fresh in my mind. After all, at heart, I am still that dreamer from Modhugulapalem who followed his father's footsteps to become an educator. A proud son of a dedicated school headmaster; it humbles me to have continued his legacy, first as a teacher myself and then as the Chairman of the renowned Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust (SVET). Ever since its inception in 1992, the seed of SVET has flourished into a large Kalpavriksha – helping thousands of young learners fulfill their aspirations. This in turn has led to SVET institutions garnering an immense amount of trust and reliance from students, their families and the industry alike.

With this, my long-standing dream of helping the nation’s youth to realize their potential is also culminating into a larger vision. It is gratifying to witness all the years of hard work, commitment, and passion with SVET now transforming into a universe of possibilities at Mohan Babu University in Tirupati. MBU's advanced curriculum, expert mentorship, best-in-class facilities with a safe 5 star rated campus and 65+ clubs are poised to help students innovate, learn and lead the next, today. In a constantly changing world, only talent that is future-ready can take the baton ahead. Therefore, MBU focuses on delivering a unique blend of academic brilliance, discipline and dynamism. Groomed in such an inspiring culture, a community of thousands of students is preparing for a future of success. I am pleased to see them soar high with rewarding opportunities in companies like Google and Amazon this academic year. I am confident that each one of our students is nurtured and well supported to make a difference in a unique way.


Rise as one of the greatest hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country, wherein students empower themselves with the best of knowledge, unleash their potential to the fullest, and soar high to attain a brighter future for themselves and the nation.


Provide relevant knowledge founded on the spirit of curiosity, compassion, courage, and commitment. Uphold novelle wings of leadership and excellence under expert mentors who guide students towards wisdom and knowledge. Create a dynamic learning environment that empowers learners with the right blend of passion and purpose to build a glorious tomorrow.


Commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in Teaching, Learning, research and extension. Pledge to honesty, integrity, mutual respect, transparency and accountability. Respect to all aspects of diversity. Student centric planning and development. Stakeholder partnership for holistic institutional development & synergistic growth